DUO'S JOURNEY | Talk Event New Perspective and Duo’s Journey Kentaro Kumon, Makoto Yamaguchi and Chris Tomoko

With J-WAVE navigator Chris Tomoko as the facilitator, photographer Kentaro Kumon and architect Makoto Yamaguchi look at a series of art photography works and talk about the beauty of shakkei (borrowed scenery) in Japanese gardens
Explore the new perspectives found through Duo’s Journey in the “Shakkei―Neighbouring Textures” exhibition at MYD Gallery.

  • Chris Tomoko

    Born in Hawaii, she was raised in Kyoto, Philadelphia, and Yokohama, where she was exposed to the diverse cultures of Japan and the United States. She majored in comparative culture and sociology at Sophia University. After graduation, she made a debut as a navigator on FM radio station J-WAVE. Since then, she has been working for programs on J-WAVE, including “BOOM TOWN” where she worked for 10.5 years.
    Currently, she appears regularly on “GOOD NEIGHBORS” (Monday-Thursday, 1-4 pm on J-WAVE) as the navigator. She has not only been hosting programs, narrating, appearing on public talks, but also has been writing essays, doing recitations, and participating in art events. Her many hobbies include interior design, art, crafts, handwriting, driving, theatergoing, and cooking.